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Quality control is taken extremely seriously here at Knight Optical

Unlike some of our competition we understand that if a drawing has a tolerance, surface specification and material type then the information is there for a reason. We will always ensure that all aspects of your drawing and specification are adhered to.
In order to meet your tolerances and specifications, Knight Optical has invested a substantial amount of time and resources into this aspect of our business. By going this extra mile, our customers get an excellent service and professional business relationship they can trust. As part of our on-going investment in providing this excellent service, we have built an impressive testing and inspection department, run by staff trained to the highest level and who use the latest state of the art metrology instruments. Knight Optical have a strict quality system. Our management systems, standards and guidelines all comply with ISO9001:2008 standard.

Staff (Our best instrument)

All components are fully QA inspected for surface quality and cosmetic defects. Our trained staff fully rigorously understand and work to the following standards:

MIL-C-14806A Coating, reflection reducing for instrument cover glasses and lighting wedges

MIL-G-174B Optical Glass

ISO10110 Optical drawing standards

BS4301 - 1991 Optical drawing standards

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Zygo Verifire XPZ Interferometer System

Form measurements of flat or spherical surfaces.
Transmitted wave front measurement of components and assemblies.
ZYGO’s proprietary Mx® software offers wide range of operational features and data analysis tools for unmatched measurement capability and reporting.
The Verifire™ XPZ interferometer system can measure glass or plastic optical components.

Fisba Interferometer

Phase-measuring 100mm aperture interferometer system.
For non-contact high speed measurement of surface flatness.
Objective and precise measurement of surfaces and wave front quality.
Measurement accuracy of Lambda/20.
Comprehensive measurement and software with advanced graphics and multi-parameter analysis.

Provides: Wedge measurement in optical windows.
Single and double-pass measurements of optical components.
Surface irregularity measurements.
Measurement of optical systems in transmission.
Homogeneity of optical glasses.

Varian Cary 5000 spectrophotometer/s

For testing reflection/ transmission of coatings and materials.
Scan ability from 175nm-3200nm.
Measures up to 8 Abs.
Fitted with “State of the art UMA attachment” used to measure transmission, absolute reflection and scattering of optical components including complex cube beamsplitters and polarised optics.
The data and transmission graphs from our scans and tests can be presented alongside your components to help produce a seamless integration of our optics into your instruments and machines

Agilent 660 FTIR Spectrophotometer

For testing transmission of IR coatings and materials
Scan range ability from 1.67 – 44.44µm
The data and transmission graphs from our scans and tests can be presented alongside your components to help produce a seamless integration of our optics into your instruments and machines.

Trioptics Prism Master

High speed electronic autocollimator with ultra-precise motorized rotation
Fully automatic angular measurements on prisms, beamsplitter cubes and polygons

The PrismMaster is accurate to +/- 3 arcseconds and measures completely objective high accuracy part positions without operator input.

Trioptics Optispheric with Wavesensor Reflex

For testing lens parameters such as:

  • Back focal length (BFL)
  • Effective focal length (EFL)
  • Radius of curvature (ROC)
  • Modulation transfer function (MTF)
  • Flange focal length (FFL)

Fitted with a motorised V-Block accessory for testing centration errors <1 µm.

Starrett AV300 video imaging device

  • Non-contact dimensional metrology
  • Automated processes for inspection of components allowing us to test large volumes of optics.
  • Dimensional data for the lengths, widths, heights, angles and other complex component geometry
  • Resolution down to 0.0001mm or 0.1µm.
  • Accuracy over the travel of the stage to within 4.5µm – dependent upon magnification
  • 12:1 motorised zoom giving a wide range of enlargement from 25-500x magnification
  • Bright and dark field illumination providing robust measurement for even the most challenging surfaces
  • Capacity up to 300mm in length
  • SPC and dimensional reports, available as standard

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