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BCA0505-XS 630 1100 50 50 5x5x5 2 $40.00 More Info..
BCA1515-XS 430 670 50 50 15x15x15 1 $30.00 More Info..

Cube beamsplitters (Non-polarizing)

Non polarized beamsplitter cubes split light independently of polarization. They are used where consistent control over polarization is required without changing S and P polarization.
Incident light hitting an aligned beamsplitter cube at 0° dependent on the designed split ratio will partly transmit a percentage of light though the cube while reflecting the balance of light at 90°, typically these ratios will be 50:50, 70:30 and 90:10.

Dimensions: +/-0.2mm
Material: N-BK7 or equivalent
Wavelength range: 450-700nm
Reflectance: 45° +/-5%
Transmittance: 45° +/-5%
Beam deviation: +/-5 arcmin
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig
Coatings: Hypotenuse (Multilayer dielectric)
Outside faces (BBAR for visible)

If you require Cube beamsplitters up to 3” in size.
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