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Equilateral Prisms

Code Lgth
H (mm)
nd Coating Material Grade Notes Price Buy & More ...
PES6060-XS 60 60 60 1.79 - SF11 or
2 - $30.00 More Info..

We have a range of “dispersive prism solutions” used for separation of wavelengths, the most common dispersion prism being the Equilateral Prism.
Equilateral dispersing prisms have three equal 60° angles. They refract white light into a rainbow pattern effect. We supply in a range of materials dependent on wavelength requirement. The exit beam and input beams are usually at the same angle, this angle is dependent on the prism material, the wavelength and the incidence angle. SF type materials for visible/NIR applications and UV Fused silica ultra-violet 175nm applications. Antireflective coatings are deposited to most high index types to prevent staining and to prevent light loss due to reflections increasing transmission performance.

Dimensions: +0/-0.2mm
Angles: <6 arc minutes
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

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