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Eyepiece graticules

Eye piece reticules/Graticules are used for measuring a range of features such as radii, diameters of circles, angles and linear dimensions in a host of applications from military gun sights to slides used in medical applications for viewing and measuring micro samples.

Our reticules are manufactured utilizing modern etching, electroforming and photographic techniques, Vacuum metal deposition procedures are also utilized for manufacturing high quality Graticules.

Typical patterns we commonly supply are lines and cross-lines, circles and protractors, horizontal and vertical scales, particle sizing, grids and squares. Graticule patterns can be supplied with black or white infill.

Dimensions: +0/-0.2mm
Surface quality: 40-20 scratch/ dig

If you require eyepiece reticules with specific patterns and sizes, either mounted or unmounted.
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Eyepiece Graticule 16mm x 1mm scale / 100 div GEQ1606-XS Graticule 16mm x 1mm scale / 100 div

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Our Price: $15.00