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Front surface mirrors

Front surface mirrors are used to fold the optical path in a system.
We offer surplus mirrors covering UV-Visible-IR applications and with various surface specifications. Grades of mirror include;
General-purpose and 1 ? over 25mm grades are cut from pre coated stock sheets of white-float glass material. The surface flatness is very reasonable and suitable for most applications also cost efficient. Our precision grades are optically polished to ¼ wave and have very parallel faces.

In most cases surplus stock has a range of six coating options for UV to Far-Infrared wavelengths.
Enhanced aluminum coated mirrors for 94% reflectivity for use in visible applications.
99.9% dielectric coated mirrors for laser use in visible applications.
UV aluminum coated mirrors for use in UV applications down to 180nm.
98.5% NIR dielectric coated mirrors for laser use in the near infra-red region.
Ion plated protected silver coated mirrors for use in NIR to 2000nm.
Protected gold coated mirrors for use from 750nm to far infra-red applications.

Typical applications for our surplus first surface mirrors are high end imaging and laser applications. Scanning systems, microscope or projector systems and illumination and sensing applications.

Diameter: +0/-0.2mm
Length/ width: +/-0.3mm (=100mm)
(General-purpose grade): +/-0.5mm (<100mm)
Length/ width:
(Precision grade): +/-0.15mm
Thickness : +/-0.25 (GP grade), +0.1/-0.25 (Precision grade),
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

If you require ¼ wave mirrors up to 12” diameter or general purpose grade up to large White Float Windows up to 43”x37”.
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