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Code FL(mm) Dia
Form Coating Grade Price Buy & More ...
21.72 16 - 1.5 0.8 Planoconvex AR@8-14um 1 $25.00 More Info..
9.4 22 8.8 4.1 2 Biconvex AR@8-14um 1 $25.00 More Info..
24.76 16 23.02 3 2.3 Meniscus AR@8-12um 1 $25.00 More Info..

Germanium lenses

Germanium (Ge) has high density and has excellent transmission features of blocking UV but transmitting infrared from 2µm-14µm. Germanium has high refractive index and low dispersion and is used as IR-transmitters in these wavebands so desirable for IR lens design where its high refractive index allows otherwise impossible specifications to be met.
Germanium transmits over 45% between 2-14µm up to 45°C so BBAR coatings are advisable as use of AR coatings increases transmission to over 80% between 3µm-14µm. Diamond like coating (DLC) are also applied for harsh environments.
Germanium lenses are typically used in thermal imaging cameras. Germanium lenses are useful for wide-angle lenses. Germanium is also used for FTIR (Fourier Transformed Infrared) and FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) and spectroscopy systems.

Diameter: +0/-0.15mm
Centration: <6 arc minutes
Focal length: 1-1.5%
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

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Germanium Lens LGE70192-XS Germanium Lens, 22mmdia,AR@8-14um

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Our Price: $25.00
Germanium Lens LGE80183-XS Germanium Lens 16mmdia,AR@8-12um

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Our Price: $25.00