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GSQ2103-XS Scale 10mm
n 0.1mm div.
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Stage graticules

We manufacture our stage graticules by photo lithographically printing a pattern onto a glass substrate that has already been QA inspected for high quality scratch dig. Stage reticules are used for calibration and measurement in video imaging and microscopy cell counting applications. These stage graticules are supplied on standard 76mm x 25mm glass substrates for ease of use. A range of patterns are available to meet most applications.

Dimensions: +0/-0.2mm
Surface quality: 40-20 scratch/ dig

If you require stage graticules with specific patterns.
Telephone +1-401 583 7846 or email sales@surplus-optics.com
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GSQ2103-XS Stage graticule, Scale 10mm GSQ2103-XS Stage graticule, Scale 10mm

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Our Price: $30.00