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Magnesium fluoride windows

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WMG0512-XS Magnesium
fluoride window
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Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) a birefringent material is a hard durable material and colorless, operating effectively in UV wavelengths down to 120nm and up to 7 µm in the infrared.
As Magnesium Fluoride is birefringent it’s an ideal choice for Polarizer’s in the UV band working effectively as low as 100nm and performs well at 0.4-5.0µm transmitting over 90% between these wavelengths.
MgF2, is the hardest of the fluoride materials and its resistance to mechanical and thermal shock enables its usage for windows in harsh environments.
Magnesium Fluoride is typically used for applications for VUV at 121nm. It is also used in the IR wavelengths but is inferior Calcium Fluoride and Barium Fluoride.

Diameter: +0/-0.2mm
Length/ width: +/-0.2mm
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

If you require Magnesium Fluoride Windows to 2” diameter and BBAR coated for 1-7µm.

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Magnesium fluoride window,8mmdiax1mmthk WMG0512-XS Magnesium fluoride window,8mmdiax1mmthk

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Our Price: $11.25