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Silicon windows

Code Type Dia
Coating Coated
Grade Price Buy & More ...
WSI2500-XS Silicon
25 - - 3 AR@3-5um
Both 2 $95.00 More Info..
WSI2503-XS Polished
25.4 - - 3 Uncoated - 1 $35.00 More Info..
WSI6005-XS Polished blank - 60 80 0.5 Uncoated - 2 $45.00 More Info..
WSI2004-XS Polished blank 20 - - 4 Uncoated - 1 $30.00 More Info..

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Silicon (Si) being one of the hardest IR material available for use between NIR/IR between 1µm to 6µm then transmission starts to decrease. Its transmission is just over 50% between the 1 to 6µm and above 50µm to over 100 µm, so antireflective coatings are advisable for improving transmission.
Silicon has a high refractive index of around 3.4 but lower than germanium. Silicon has lower density so ideal for less weighty optical designs.
Silicon is generally used as windows in the 3 to 5µm (MWIR) waveband, and also as optical filter substrates within this band as 3 to 5µm is important for the detection of sources radiating at a black body temperature of 700K, such as mortar fire or as the muzzle flash sniper rifles. Silicon also has a high thermal capacity so is a good choice for use in laser mirrors.

Diameter: +0/-0.2mm
Length, width: +/-0.2mm
Thickness: +/-0.2mm
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

If you require Silicon Windows up to 12” diameter and BBAR/ DLC coated for 3-5µm.

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