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Code Dia (mm) Length (mm) Width(mm) Thick(mm) Grade Price Buy & More ...
DFO2500-XS 25 - - 3.3 2 $10.50 More Info..
DFO2090-XS 20.9 - - 3.3 1 $40.00 More Info..
DFO2100-XS 21.4 - - 2 1 $11.50 More Info..
DFO7530-XS - 75 30 3.3 1 $12.50 More Info..

Flashed opal diffusers

White Flashed Opal Diffusers are made by bonding an opal layer of 0.45mm thk to a optical glass sheet. Opal diffusers are almost luminance independent of viewing angle. Very useful in commercial lighting and illuminations applications

Diameter: +0/-0.25mm
Length/ width: +/-0.25mm
Thickness: +/-0.2mm
Opal layer: 0.45mm +0.35mm/-0.2mm (Manufacturers spec)
Surface quality: 80-50 scratch/ dig

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DFO2500-XS  Flashed opal diffuser, 25mmdiax2.8mmthk DFO2500-XS Flashed opal diffuser, 25mmdiax2.8mmthk

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Our Price: $10.50
Flashed Opal Diffuser, surplus optics DFO7530-XS Flashed Opal Diffuser, 75x30x3.3mm

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Our Price: $11.00
Flashed Opal Diffusers DFO2100-XS Flashed Opal Diffuser, 21.4mmdiax2mmthk

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Our Price: $11.50
Surplus optics Flashed Opal Diffuser DFO2090-XS Flashed Opal Diffuser, 20.9mmdia 3.3mmthk

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Our Price: $40.00