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Plastic retarders

Plastic waveplates/ retarders are a cheap replacement to mica or quartz waveplates. Our plastic retarders range from 0.15 to 0.8mm thick and can easily be cut using a sharp razor and available in large sizes

Our plastic retarders have a retardance of 140nm, 200nm, 280nm, 530nm, 560nm ranging from Visible ¼ wave, NIR ¼ wave to Visible ½ and 1 wave types.

Diameter: +0/-0.25mm
Length/ width: +/-0.5 to +/-1mm depending on size
Types: 140nm visible ¼ wave. 200nm NIR ¼ wave, 280nm visible ½ wave,
530nm visible 1 wave, 560nm visible 1 wave
Retardance tol: +/-20nm

If you require large plastic sheet retarders up to 18” square.
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