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LRB0101-XS - - 120 60 UV Fused
2 $30.00 More Info..
LRB0225-XS - 2 25 60 N-BK7 2 $10.00 More Info..
LRG0516-XS 4.7 6 16 12 Borosilicate 2 $7.50 More Info..
LRG20331-XS - 4 tapered
to 2mm
20 90 UVFS 1 $15.00 More Info..

Rod lenses

Rod Lenses are a type of cylindrical lens and perform in a similar way, but rather than being a half cylinder as in a cylindrical lens a rod lens is a complete cylinder.
The outside face of a rod lens is polished as light passes though the edge to focus a line rather than a spot as in conventional spherical lenses. Dependent on material rod lenses generally have a spread angle beam of between 7.4 to 41°.
Rod lenses are used to generate a line image from a circular laser beam. Rod lenses can also be polished on both ends and used for light homogenizing applications.
Diameter: +/-10% for borosilicate/ +/-0.1mm all other materials
Length: +/-0.25mm
Surface quality: 80-50 scratch/ dig for borosilicate/ other materials 60-40 scratch/ dig

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LRG0516-XS Rod lens  4.7mmf.lx6mmdia LRG0516-XS Rod lens 4.7mmf.lx6mmdia

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Our Price: $7.50
LRB0225-XS Homogenizing Rod,25mmlongx2mm type, BK7, LRB0225-XS Homogenizing Rod,25mmlongx2mm type, BK7,

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Our Price: $10.00
LRB0101-XS Homogenizing Rod, ARcoated LRB0101-XS Homogenizing Rod, ARcoated

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Our Price: $30.00