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Toughened windows

Tempered glass also known as toughened windows are used in applications where the optic is placed under large amounts of pressure and physical strain and are more resistant to breakage than untoughened counterparts.
Toughening is achieved by heating the glass beyond its annealing point (560ºC for borofloat, 546ºC for white float glass), then rapidly cooling the surface, causing the surface to contract, producing compressive stresses. The inner portion of the window is allowed to cool more slowly – this variation in cooling rate between the inside and surface of the glass produces tensile stresses in the inner portion of the window. The balance between tensile and compressive stress gives toughened windows their increased mechanical resistance properties.
Typical applications for tempered windows are safety windows for industrial environments, pressure windows for underwater cameras and furnace windows.
Diameter: +/-0.5mm
Length/ width: +/-0.25mm
Thickness: +/-0.2mm
Surface quality: 80-50 scratch/ dig

Our tempered glass windows are available up to 18” diameter.
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