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Code Aperture D x B (mm) Dev. angle (°) Material Grade
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44.5x44.5 90°+/-10" BK7 - 1 $275.00 More Info..
32.5x32.5 90°+/-10" BK7 - 1 $275.00 More Info..

Penta Prisms

The Penta Prisms are used for deviate a beam through 90°. Penta prisms are used for beam steering and range finding, surveying and alignment in optical systems.

Dimensions: +/-0.2mm
Angles: 2 arc minutes
Deviation tol: 0 arc sec
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

If you require Penta Prisms up to 4” aperture.
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penta prisms PPB3287-XS Penta prism

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Our Price: $275.00
surplus penta prisms PPB3867-XS Penta prisms

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Our Price: $275.00