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BK7 Domes or Equivalent Type

Code OD (mm) Rad 1 Rad 2 Height H (mm) Wall
thk (mm)
Material Grade Grade
Price Buy & More ...
WBD2784-XS 24 12 9.5 12 2.5 N-BK7 or equiv 2 - $75.00 More Info..
WBD3020-XS 30 15 13 15 2 N-BK10 or equiv 2 - $75.00 More Info..
WBD3237-XS 32 16 12 16 4 N-BK10 or equiv 2 - $75.00 More Info..
WDB0075-XS 75 37.5 34.5 37.5 3 BK7 or
2 Mark in
centre of dome
$175.00 More Info..


A Dome is an optical window with two parallel outward convex curved surfaces. When available for surplus stock our polished domes range from 5 to 100mm in diameter.
Our surplus Domes can be supplied in BK7 or equivalent, UV Fused Silica, Sapphire and Acrylic and available in a range of wall thicknesses. With use of these available materials Domes offer durability and high transmission from UV to FIR wavelengths.
Domes are typically used for windows in underwater cameras and harsh environments as well as defense applications. Other applications include pyranometers and infrared-range domes for pyrgeometers.

Diameter: +/-0.25mm
Wall thickness: +/-0.15mm
Surface quality: 60-40 scratch/ dig

So if you require Domes up to 4” diameter.

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